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For urgent or out of hours support call our team on 0345 868 7848



Operating hours - Monday to Friday, 8am - 5.30pm
(Outside of these hours the team can be contacted as per contract terms)

For technical support with 8x8 services you can also email our specialist team directly on:



Operating hours - Monday to Thursday, 9am-5.30pm Fridays, 9am-5pm

For updates regarding any 8x8 orders you can also email our dedicated team directly on:


Need assistance with server changes? Ensure you have this information ready before contacting us

If you require a change to one of your hosted servers, such as disk space, CPU level, or virtual memory, completing the questions below will help us action your request as quickly as possible. Simply include your answers when contacting our Service Desk, and an engineer will action your request.

User requesting: Who should we contact to confirm the change?

Contact Number: How best to contact that person?

Server Name/IP address: Which machine or machines are the subject of the change?

Change requested: Disk Space, CPU Count, Memory?

Add/remove: Would you like the resources increased or decreased?

Current amount: Please provide us details of the existing resource level.

New amount: Please provide us details of the required resource level.

Proposed time if a reboot is required: When can we reboot the device with minimal impact to your business?

Providing us with the answers to these questions when you first contact us will allow us to route your ticket correctly and action it quickly.

Please note that charges may apply for this service, depending on your service contract.

Having trouble with your monitor? Try these quick troubleshooting steps
  1. Check to see the monitor is plugged in and switched on. If it is switched on, you would usually see a light glowing over the power button – please press the button to turn the screen on
  2. If there is power to the screen but no picture, please check to ensure there is a cable plugged in to go from the monitor to the computer.
  3. After making sure both cables are present and there is still no picture, please try a different cable to go from the monitor to the computer. If this does not work, please see step 4.
  4. The final step would be to check the monitor with another computer. If the monitor is still not working, it is likely a faulty monitor. On the other hand, if the monitor does work, then the fault is with the computer.

If after following the above steps the issue has not been resolved, please contact our support team on 0333 043 4060 for assistance.

Please note that charges may apply for this service depending on your service contract.